The Congressmember with the right politics, leadership, and standing to fill Kamala Harris’s seat

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With the victory of the Biden-Harris ticket, California will soon have a vacant Senate seat to be filled by appointment by Governor Gavin Newsom. There is, of course, no shortage of eager and highly credentialed politicians in California, but this is a case that the Democratic Representative of…

Over 700 National Delegates are voting “no” on the party platform and there is no ambiguity as to why

Bernie Sanders speaks out against the Gulf War to an empty Congress in 1991

Bernie Sanders played an important role in transforming me from a political hobbyist, someone who engages in politics passively as a watcher/reader/Facebooker, to a political activist, someone who shows up in-person, donates their time and money, organizes with others, and works to accomplish clearly defined goals.

Today, along with over…

A card game variant invented through misremembered rules

A four-player game of Siege Durak with three attackers and one defender.

It began with a casual, “What were the rules again?” followed by 20 minutes of dubious misremembering and became a fun and apparently unique variant of a card game “.”

For the uninitiated, Durak (Russian for “fool”) is a simple and flexible card game with subtly deep…

A labored explanation of what one of your songs means to me

Dear Ratatat,

I want to publicly thank you for the music you make. I’m not sure you’ve written a song I don’t like, but this is about one particular song with special significance to me.

Abrasive, from your latest album “Magnifique” is, if such a designation has any meaning, my…

How the presidential debates went from an innovative way to educate American voters to a bipartisan tool to suppress political opposition.

Since 1988, the presidential debates have been run by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a bi-partisan committee controlled by (you guessed it) the GOP and the DNC. This election, candidates must get on the ballot in enough states that they could win the general election, and poll nationwide at…

Andre Stackhouse

A contrarian’s contrarian. Twitter: @CaptainStack

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